Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Verrerie de Soisy Sarl

Decorative objects in glass
12 rue du Moulin des Noues
91840 Soisy-sur-Ecole

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

The Verrerie d’Art de Soisy sur Ecole has been located in the Gâtinais nature park for thirty years.

The Ile de France region used to be an important glass region: glass-makers in Clichy and Saint-Denis, Cristallerie de Pantin, etc. Soisy brings this tradition back to life; Fontainebleau sand, known for its purity, is still used.  The Verrerie d’Art de Soisy sur Ecole is specialised in glass blowing with a pole and with a mould.    The glass blowers start by putting a gob of glass in the pot furnace with their pole. Different metallic oxides are then put onto the ball of glass to give it its colours. With a short breath, to avoid the hot air coming back up the pole, and then blocking the hole with their finger, the glass blowers create a bubble due to the air dilating on contact with the hot glass.    The part is then soldered to the other end and removed from the pole by cooling down the contour of the neck with a wet instrument, followed by a little tap. After heating again, the neck can be elongated or widened and other elements such as a handle can be soldered.    The Verrerie d’art de Soisy-sur-école has created an educational area for visitors and large sales rooms where the tableware objects and lamps produced in the workshop are put on show. It sells lamps, vases, barometers, salad bowls, jewellery, etc.