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Verrerie de Saint-Just

Cut glass work
ZI La Verrerie
42176 Saint-Just Saint-Rambert

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Located in Saint-Just Saint-Rambert since 1826, the Verrerie de Saint-Just was initially a bottle manufacturing plant. Since 1865 it has specialised in blown glass production for architectural use: stained glass, glazing and now, decoration. It is strongly committed to maintaining the same production processes handed down from generation to generation since its establishment. This is what gives it its unique know-how.

It also provides double glazing and laminated glass for Les Monuments Historiques (French National heritage organisation), thus combining the know-how of yesteryear with contemporary performance.

The Verrerie de Saint-Just has blown glass for stained glass windows made by master glassmakers for some of the biggest names in art: Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse, Fernand Léger and Joan Miro. It has contributed to the restoration or the thermal insulation of prestigious monuments such as the Palace of Versailles, the Palais des Ducs in Dijon, the Château de Lunéville and the Het Loo Palace of the Royal Family of the Netherlands, as well as farm houses and prestigious properties of charm and in all our French regions.

It has also developed more contemporary product lines over the last few years, such as Bariolé glass, combining blown glass with enamels in shimmering colours, or the decorative "COMETS" objects, prepared at the request of designers and interior designers in France and abroad. These new creations now grace numerous private and public buildings in France and abroad, such as the Louis Vuitton premises in Shanghai or the Embassy of France in Tokyo.