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Bougeard Michel

Thatched roofing
ZA de l'Orme
3 rue de l'Artisanat
35730 Pleurtuit

Trained by an experienced thatcher, in 1988 Michel Bougeard founded his own firm. Since then, he has dedicated himself to building thatched roofs and passing on his expertise. Michel Bougeard works with reed.

The tools he uses are a thatcher’s bat, for thrashing the reed and putting it in place, and needles which are used to stitch the thatch onto the roofs.Thatch used to be the main material used for roofing. It is usually made from wheat, rye or barley. Harvested in August, the crops are thrashed between a fortnight and two months later, then combed in winter to remove any broken straw, grasses and bindweed from the sheaves, which would otherwise hinder water run-off from the roof. Depending on local geography, reed and broom are also used as roofing materials.Thatch’s qualities include that of being lightweight and flexible, in addition to its thermal properties.