Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

La Manufacture du Grenat

Manufacture of garnet-colored catalan jewels
62 avenue Guy Malé
BP 30049
66500 Prades

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

Situated in the Eastern Pyrenees, birthplace of garnet jewellery, "Bijoux Casa-Perez” is specialised in garnet jewellery.

It has over 1,400 references, some of which are traditional items and others creations. The products are designed with specific tools and several hundreds of moulds. The company has developed particular models of garnet jewellery using a foil process called "enamel foil”. This technique involves polishing gold so that it reflects the light and protecting it with enamel that is the same colour as the stone. Casa-Perez jewellery is sold via a network of specialised jewellers in the Eastern Pyrenees and in the rest of France.