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Manufacture d'orgues Bernard Aubertin

Organs manufacture
L'Ancien Prieuré
39700 Courtefontaine

Sale to private individuals and professionals

Founded in 1978, the Manufacture d’Orgues Bernard Aubertin makes new organs and restores instruments from all periods.

In a former Augustin priory, founded in 1137, a dozen people expertly make organs in the traditional way: cabinetwork and sculpting of solid oak cases, metallurgy and metal work for the pipes, acoustics to tune the organs. Bernard Aubertin designs, draws and tunes the instruments himself.


He pays very special attention to the premises and their acoustics, and the organs are designed and built based on a visual, sound and symbolic architecture. The instruments are wonderfully proportioned and the materials must only be considered as vehicles of the Spirit at the service of Music. He is the only organ maker to date who has received the title "Master of Art” by the Ministry of Culture. He was appointed Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Aberdeen in 2006 following the construction of an organ in its chapel, and Knight of the Legion of Honour in 2007. The City of Paris awarded him a Médaille de Vermeil (Bronze Medal) in 2005 following the construction of the new organ in St Louis en L’Ile in Paris.


La Manufacture d'Orgues Aubertin builds organs in France, Europe and Japan (25 organs since 1993), and restores instruments, some of which are listed historical monuments. The company made the first French organ in the intellectual English city of Oxford. The Manufacture d'Orgues Aubertin is currently building a great organ in Denmark, in Mariager. This is the first government contract to be won by a French builder for eons. It is also building other new organs for the United Kingdom.