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Le Panyol - Fayol

Manufacture of terracotta wood fired oven
2 route de Larnage
BP 11
26603 Tain l'Hermitage Cedex

Tel : +33 (0)4 75 08 20 76

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Founded in 1840 and taken over in 1980 by the present managing director, Fayol specialises in the manufacture of refractory ceramic products using Larnage white clay.

The company is situated five kilometres from the quarry where this special clay is obtained, and makes terracotta ovens for culinary use, shaped refractory bricks for bakers’ ovens and conventional refractory bricks.  The culinary ovens, manufactured since 1840 using exclusively the white clay from Larnage (Drôme) represent a long tradition. The company carries out extensive research, very often in collaboration with the University of Lyon, with a view to improving the manufacturing process and gaining a better understanding of this refractory white clay. The "Le Panyol” bread ovens manufactured by the company are sold both to private individuals and to professionals who bake with wood. They are sold on all five continents to schools of baking, restaurateurs and a large private clientele.