Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Jean Dubost

Manufacture of cutlery and kitchen knives
Le Bourg
63250 Viscomtat

Sale to private individuals and professionals
In Viscomtat, near Thiers, the capital of French cutlery, the Jean Dubost company is devoted to designing, manufacturing and fashioning kitchen knives and quality table cutlery. This expertise in and love of knives has been passed down unceasingly across four generations, offering a guarantee of authentic, high-quality products.
It works with different materials such as wood, horn, acrylic, etc. and employs the most technical steps in the process: blunting, polishing, assembly, sharpening, etc. Its Laguiole, its kitchen knives Jean Dubost Pradel, Le Thiers and Damas ranges and Jean Dubost cutlery demand traditional know-how specific to cutlery. Only those who are qualified can meet this exacting requirement.

Jean Dubost is also a dynamic company that takes up the challenge of creativity, in order to always keep in step with the trends and provide a comprehensive fine tableware offering in which everyone can find the style for them. In 2012, the Jean Dubost company was extremely honoured to obtain the EPV (Living Heritage Company) label, in recognition of its values of tradition, innovation and manufacturing quality.

The company presents its products at international trade fairs devoted to fine tableware: "Maison et objet” in Paris, as well as Frankfurt, London, Chicago and Shanghai, and regularly benefits from articles in the written press and reports in specialist TV documentaries. Jean Dubost can be found in specialist stores and French and international department stores.