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Clavecins Martine Argellies

Manufacture of harpsichords
11 bis rue des Soldats
34000 Montpellier

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

Martine Argellies began working as a harpsichord maker in Montpellier in 1981.

Her love of this instrument led Martine Argellies to undertake research on how to make them, knowledge that had disappeared since the 19th century. She now has a mastery of all the production and harmonisation techniques for this instrument and knows all the related tricks of the trade. br />


Making harpsichords involves a wide range of skills combining woodworking, acoustics, the history of music, decoration and stringed instrument-making. The choice of woods is decisive to give the instrument the right resonance. The strings are copies of antique models and produced using traditional methods. The jacks are in pear wood with boxwood tongues. Using plans or measurements taken from instruments dating from the 17th and 18th centuries, Martine Argellies has progressively developed a line of harpsichords belonging to three major historical schools – Flemish, French and Italian.


Her instruments equip music conservatories. They are also played by the greatest soloists at world-famous festivals such as the Festival Radio-France in Montpellier. Recently, the company introduced an innovation with a "clavicytherium” model, a vertically-mounted harpsichord with a lighter touch than antique instruments of the same kind.