Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Manufacture Cluizel

Manufacture of chocolate coatings and fillings, chocolate sweets and derived products
Route de Conches
27240 Mesnils sur Iton

Sale to private individuals and professionals
Founded in 1948, the Chocolaterie Michel Cluizel has rare expertise as a cocoa-bean roaster, chocolate maker and confectioner. It sells semi-finished products for professionals, finished products for the general public (bars, boxes of chocolates, etc.) sold under the "Michel Cluizel” brand, and anonymous chocolates for packaging by resellers.

Setting the company apart are its choice of raw materials, the slow roasting of the cocoa beans to preserve all their aromas and the fact that it makes all of its own fillings.

Through its four shops in Paris, another in New York and its museums – the Chocolatrium® in Damville receives 20000 visitors a year – Cluizel offers authentic chocolates.