Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Société Audouin

Clogs and sandals for fashion and professional safety equipment
4 rue des Amourettes
Montigné sur Moine
49230 Sevremoine

Sale to private individuals and professionals
Audoin specialises in manufacturing clogs and sandals.
It continues a family clog manufacturing business, created in itinerant form in 1890 before settling in the Choletais region from 1920. Joël Audouin, who belongs to the 4th generation, has run the workshop since 1983; he has reoriented traditional production towards high-end items for fashion and workplace safety.

It manufactures fashion and leisure items sold under customer brands and under its own brand BOSABO, as well as work and safety shoes marketed under the SAFTY SABOT brand. Clog manufacturing expertise is endangered in France; the workshop masters all stages including the complex manufacturing of the wooden sole, and trains its staff.

The workshop handles all operations: log flow, shaping of wooden shoes and soles, leather cutting, preparation and stitching of stems, stapled mounting of clogs and sandals. The company handles these stages that require historic experience, such as the manufacture of soles, and is distinguished by assembly with seams and impeccable finishes. The majority of sales are to fashion professionals and the food and medical industry, including 40% for export.