Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Groupe distillerie Claeyssens - GDC Wambrechies

Manufacture of alcohol from seeds
1 rue de la Distillerie
BP 40016

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

The distillery sells alcohol and Jenever under the brands LOOS and WAMBRECHIES, pure malts, old malts, aromatised beverages and whiskies.

The manufacturing process has hardly changed since 1817. With the exception of changes in how the seeds get to the distillery (which used to be transported by barge on the Canal de la Deûle and which are now delivered direct to the distillery by lorry) and water recycling, nothing has been changed.

The company crushes the seeds itself; they are then mixed, water is added, and they are cooked. The preparation is left to rest for one and a half hours for saccharification to take place. Yeast is then added and fermentation lasts around 48 hours. The first distillation then takes place to evacuate ethanol and methanol. This complex operation requires surveillance from the master distiller. After one day, a second distillation takes place for maturing, before juniper berries and/or flavours are added.

The company regularly creates new products, in particular juniper-based cocktails.

The latest creations are Genièvre Spéculoos and Genièvre Mojito.