Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

La Naucelloise SAS

Manufacture of tripe, pâtés, knuckles of ham and prepared meals
ZA Merlin
12800 Naucelle Gare

Sale to private individuals and professionals
For over fifty years, the same recipes and the same secrets have carefully simmered in the pots of La Naucelloise.
It all started in 1966 when Charles Savy, then a butcher-charcutier in Naucelle, won the 1st Grand Prix National for Best Tripou in Rodez. This recognition led to the creation of La Naucelloise. It is this famous production of Tripous which gave La Naucelloise its letters of nobility as well as its national reputation.

For three generations now, La Naucelloise has been perpetuating the taste of regional gastronomy with a wide range of products, always faithful to the pioneering spirit. Tripous, tripe, patés, ham and cooked dishes are all offered by La Naucelloise, combining respect for tradition and culinary innovation.

With this half-century of activity, our company remains more faithful than ever to its history and resolutely turned towards the future, so that the taste lives on with strength and conviction ... Always!