Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

La Naucelloise SA

Manufacture of tripe, pâtés and knuckles of ham
ZA Merlin
12800 Naucelle Gare

Sale to private individuals and professionals

For over forty years, the same recipes and the same secrets have been lovingly prepared in the cooking pots of La Naucelloise.

It all began in 1966 when Charles Savy, at the time a butcher in Naucelle, won the National Prize for the Best Tripou, in Rodez. The award led him to found La Naucelloise. His famous tripous are what established La Naucelloise's reputation and earned it nationwide renown.

For three generations now, La Naucelloise has preserved its taste for regional gastronomy, with an expanding range of products, always true to the pioneering spirit. Tripous, tripe, pâtés, ham hocks and ready-cooked dishes today make up the menu at La Naucelloise, in a combination of respect for tradition and culinary innovation. Indeed, award-winning chefs are involved in the elaboration of new dishes, contributing their creativity and expertise.

Beneath the cooking pots, the flame of La Naucelloise burns ever more vigorously, to the delight of all those who love the cuisine of the French regions.