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Rampal Latour

Manufacture of soaps
201 impasse Gaspard Monge
13300 Salon de Provence
Provence-Alpes-Cote D'Azur

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Sale to private individuals and professionals
In 1828, Pierre Rampal became a Master Soap Maker at the Court-Payen soap factory in Marseille (founded in 1730). The subsequent generations carried on the tradition.
Rampal Latour has a wealth of expertise in the traditional process of Marseille soap making. The method involves using a cauldron, into which water, salt, caustic soda and vegetable oil are added. The soap maker then uses a technique which involves, mashing, boiling, washing, liquidation drying and casting. Mashing involves mixing caustic soda with vegetable oils and then heating them in the cauldron. After boiling, the paste is washed in salt water, cooled and dried. The soap is then stamped and packaged in-house.

Its client base is both domestic (mainly via Naturalia and Biocoop), and international.