Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Maison des Soeurs Macarons

Pastry-making, chocolate-making and sweet-making
21 rue Gambetta
54000 Nancy

Sale to private individuals and professionals

The company is specialised in making Nancy macaroons following the unique recipe of the Macarons Sisters. The company perpetuates this macaroon-making activity, dating back to 1793, and also makes chocolates, sweets, gingerbread and meringues.

The company has rare know-how in all of the traditional techniques required to make macaroons (preparation of egg whites, almonds from Provence, sugar).

The Bergamote de Nancy sweet, with the PGI label, is made only with sugar and natural essence from Calabria.  

Chocolate fillings are made only of fresh products. No freezing, preservation or synthetic aromas come into the preparation.

The "Perle de Lorraine”, which has a Mirabelle plum liqueur heart coated in a fruit paste, is the company's other flagship product. Mr Génot makes the materials used in making his macaroons himself.

The director alone holds the secret of production, passed down to him from his father, who had learned it from the previous owner. It has therefore been known by the company’s directors only for 250 years. This know-how is not passed on to employees, and production takes place away from the rest of the laboratory, where only Mr Génot can go.

Every year, the company takes part in the "des Toques et des Etoiles” trade show organised by the Lorraine region. The clientele consists mainly of individuals and to a lesser extent companies and institutions.