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ZA des Gouvernaux
26120 Chabeuil

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Orline was founded in 1983 by its current manager, Maurice Lambert.

Lambert’s 50 years’ experience in the trade, perfect knowledge of traditional techniques and mastery of contemporary technology (laser, numerical control, etc.) mean that the firm is able to work in the following spheres of activity: - Jewellery making,- Restoring,- Production of themed jewellery for events and exhibitions,- Repairing of all kinds of jewellery (from the oldest to the most modern), - Personalised productions tailored to customer requirements, including precious stones and metals (gold, silver, etc.).Orline has a major collection of templates, models and hand-engraved stamping dies from the early 20th century.Drawing inspiration from the great movements of the world’s principal civilisations and cultures, Orline knows how to link in with current trends and tailors its productions to suit the tastes and expectations of the most avant-garde of designers.