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Dryade créations Sarl

Manufacture of boat fittings
1, Es Nargilla
25620 Tarcenay

Tel : +33 (0)3 81 86 44 55
Sale to private individuals and professionals

A dryad is a tree and forest nymph. That helps to explain why the company Dryade Créations has been located in the Haut-Doubs region since it was founded in 1994. It is specialised in the production of parts for classic yachting, but not only…

Dryade, which is a research office for both design and services, also makes many products – bronze fittings, classic pulleys and marine woodwork. The company has a mastery of all the traditional fine woodworking and cabinetwork techniques, forming and finishing. All productions are combined with the traditional general mechanics.

The furnishings and the superstructures are made in keeping with the purest cabinetmaking tradition of the Jura Arc region, as are the pulleys, which combine the microtechniques used in watchmaking in the Haut-Doubs. In developing new products, the company has patented several processes with the Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle (National Institute of Industrial Property).

The company has equipped over 300 boats, notably some of the most prestigious historic sailboats in the world. It mainly works for private individuals, for yachts and associations in France, but also abroad.

With its maritime expertise, Dryade has recently developed designs and interventions for indoor and outdoor land-based facilities with a marine environment (furniture, interior decorating, terraces, blinds and shade sails). Furthermore, the Dryade pulley – a registered trademark – has for several years been behind a jewellery collection that is highly symbolic of this family-owned business’s values.