Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant


Conservation, restoration and creation of painted and gilded décors
5, rue Pierre Landais
44200 Nantes

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Arthema Restauration restores furniture for public and private customers.

They specialise in the conservation, restoration and creation of painted and gilded decoration, and the workshop has expertise in decoration and gilding on wood, stone, plaster and other media.

They also carry out diagnostics and preliminary studies before restoration and provide projects and protocols to this end, in accordance with the code of ethics of art object restoration.

The company's five employees work for local organisations who handle the maintenance and promotion of heritage objects, particularly in the religious domain (statues, altars, altarpieces), and also for private collectors.

For pieces that are listed or classified, work is carried out under technical and scientific supervision from the Conservateurs des Monuments Historiques. The workshop also collaborates with Heritage and Historic Monument architects. The company can provide a wide range of references.