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Manufacture of quenelles, sauces, soups, etc.
10 avenue Arsène d'Arsonval
CS 77019
01007 Bourg-en-Bresse cedex

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

Founded by Henri Giraudet, a caterer in Bourg-en-Bresse, in 1910, Giraudet is established as the greatest specialist iin "quenelles", a traditional product from the Bresse region, made using durum wheat semolina and invented by restaurateur Joseph Moyne.

This glorious recipe that originates from a unique know-how has been handed down for over a century by the Giraudet company, forging its reputation through recipes that have been designed in perfect harmony with traditional methods, giving this exceptional product its superior and distinctive qualities.

Every stage of preparation in the Giraudet workshop involves human input. There is the famous spoon moulding practiced by just a few employees in the workshop, for example. This traditional family process is crucial to the company, as every Giraudet quenelle bears the signature mark left by the final turn of the spoon. It's a distinguished mark among many imitators, and a sign of craftsmanship.

Giraudet offers a range of fresh sauces to accompany their famous quenelles, made from house sauce bases that include essence of wild shrimp or farmhouse poultry stock. Carefully prepared in Michel Porfido's culinary workshop, each sauce is a delicious combination of traditional craftsmanship and a desire to innovate. Among their creations that need no introduction is the illustrious Nantua sauce.

As a taste pioneer, Giraudet is also responsible for putting soup back at the heart of the dining table. The perfect partner for a light and balanced meal, they have been producing soups for over ten years, including a range of rich vegetable or fruit creations, to be enjoyed hot or cold. Prepared using traditional methods, they offer over 110 varieties of fresh soup, a colourful panoply of tastes that is constantly being updated.

To maintain their irreproachable reputation for quality recipes, Giraudet insists on selecting the best produce, and, as such, works with the very best suppliers. With their attachment to their Bresse roots, the company naturally uses suppliers who cultivate and propagate the richness of regional produce.