Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Atelier Ceramique Regnier

Manufacturer of earthenware stoves, fireplaces, cookers and ceramic radiators
Route de Menneville
62240 Desvres

The last Ceramics factory in Desvres, where a tradition has endured for two centuries, Atelier Ceramique Regnier has been established in Desvres since 1989. It specialises in the manufacture of earthenware stoves.
The modellers manually design and manufacture the various plaster or resin moulds for the most complex pieces. The slip and the clay paste are prepared in grinders and kneaders. The slip is sprayed on. Pouring the paste into the moulds is done by hand. The bisque is removed from the mould after 24 hours, it is deburred and then dried for 15 days in the open air. All the finishing work is done by hand. Each piece is decorated with a freehand brush. The decorators draw the outlines on the piece from a layer on which the lines of the drawing are pierced with tiny holes through which a black powder is sprinkled, then comes the filling of the colours. The enamelling is applied using a spray. The pieces are then loaded into the oven and are baked all night at 1200 degrees with a temperature drop in stages.

Almost all sales are made to individuals and the rest to businesses. Its clientele is distributed throughout France, but also internationally (Russia, Latvia, Germany). Its clientele includes a number of wealthy individuals with stately homes and hotel restaurants.