Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Société Nouvelle Cornu Emballeurs

Design and manufacture of lightweight wooden packaging
8 rue Nicolas Robert
93600 Aulnay Sous Bois

Tel : +33
Sale to private individuals and professionals

Société Nouvelle Cornu Emballeurs is a bespoke packing box manufacturer, founded in 1887 in the Paris area. It started out as a wooden toy-box maker.

Its rare expertise consists of making wooden packing boxes to the standards of quality required by international museums for the transport of artworks. The packing boxes must be designed for all kinds of object, but in particular complex, outsize objects that are extremely fragile and sensitive to humidity and vibrations. The boxes comprise vibration protection and are water- or airtight. All operations are carried out in-house, from analysing the object, compiling a restoration history (antiques) and taking measurements, to sawing, nailing and assembly of base, sides and lid. The boxes are lined with different thicknesses of foam, then stencilled on the outside. They are fitted with latches for safe, easy opening and closing, and equipped with shock, rollover or temperature and humidity sensors. The firm caters for private individuals, although its main clientele consists of business and institutional customers, such as art galleries, small museums, fine artisans, mirror makers, artists and industrial firms. Its clients include Dissidi, Balcaen, Rinck, Anne Midavaine, Feau&Cie, Galerie Montmartre, the Opera Gallery, Chaumet, Louboutin (for its display cases) and Baccarat (for a chandelier, dismantled and packed piece by piece).