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Machine welded products for the personal safety sector
67, rue des Vignes
45240 Marcilly en Villette

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Founded in 1993, Triax specialises in workplace safety (safety gates, swing barriers, mobile ladders, folding stairs, etc.).

It applies metalworking know-how to the manufacture of equipment aimed at ensuring worker safety when handling loads between two levels or working at height. It carries out all operations in its workshops: from cutting, assembly and cutting out, to drilling, eliminating defects and welding. The company is an outstanding maker of bespoke equipment that meets the very highest safety standards.

Its clientele of industrial and institutional customers includes the French air force, EDF, FNAC, HM, Henkel, Ricard, IKEA, Volvic, Alcoa, Auchan, Bouygues and Citroën.

Triax has become an established name in the trade, for those purchasing safety gates. It exports than a third of its production to 25 countries.