Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Les Tissages de la Lys Manufacture Jules Pansu

Manufacture of Jacquard fabric and tapestries
228 rue de la Lys
59250 Halluin

Sale to private individuals and professionals

The Jules Pansu factory, founded in 1878, is one of the key historical players in the mechanical production of the Jacquard weave.

Based in the historic textile-making area of northern France, where tapestry making has been carried out since the Middle Ages, the manufacturer specialises in weaving, tapestries and high-quality textile accessories.

Jules Pansu produces tapestries, cushions and plaids and also offers bespoke production.
Employees have a wealth of technical expertise in their specialisms, thanks to the lengthy apprenticeship process. Jules Pansu has been maintaining and passing on its expertise for 140 years to produce finely-crafted pieces and has two of the "Best Craftsmen in France” on its team.

The expert staff at Jules Pansu are committed to quality and the implementation of rare and sophisticated expertise; as a result, in 2009 Jules Pansu met with the Succession Picasso to launch its first collection inspired by works by the prestigious artist. Today, its artist collections includes names such as Miró and Magritte amongst others. Lastly, Jules Pansu is also developing collections in partnership with young artists.

Jules Pansu products are available in France as well as beyond its borders, via a network of partners, in our Paris shop as well as in many national and international museums.