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Puzzle Michèle Wilson

Manufacture of puzzles
97 avenue Emile Zola
75015 Paris

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John Spilsbury was the inventor of puzzles. He was a cartographer and engraver from London who, in around 1760, came up with the idea of cutting up maps of different countries and selling them as a fun way of learning geography.  

The company "Puzzle Michèle Wilson” is the last manufacturer or wooden puzzles for adults, with puzzles ranging from 40 to 5,000 parts, and is particularly specialised in wooden puzzles of art.  The puzzles are prepared in a workshop in Burgundy, then cut in one of the three Parisian boutiques. A wooden puzzle is cut to follow the pattern: for example, with a bouquet, the parts follow the shape of the flowers. The pieces are cut randomly and the cutter must calibrate the pieces from the beginning and, as he cuts, assess the number of pieces.  The company’s products are sold in its three shops in Paris, on the Internet, in toy shops for adults, in department stores and in museum shops: Musée du Luxembourg, Musée Fabre in Montpellier, etc.