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Gureak - Atelier Don Quichosse

Manufacture of espadrille shoes
Zone Industrielle
Rue Jeanne d'Arc
64130 Mauleon
Nouvelle Aquitaine

Sale to private individuals and professionals

Founded in 1990, the company is specialised in making espadrille shoes.

In addition to traditional hand-sewn Basque espadrilles, it also proposes a contemporary collection. These come in a variety of forms, for example low or high heels, open or closed uppers, in cotton, satin, silk, leather, etc.


Only four or five French companies still make espadrilles in the traditional way. Don Quichosse is one of the only ones that carries out all production operations following traditional methods at every step, particularly concerning the sole. The following tasks have to be carried out: manufacture of soles from plaited jute, vulcanisation of natural rubber, manual sewing of the upper, manual final assembly. No training exists for this speciality.


The company works mainly to order and has a Website proposing online sales of its traditional and contemporary models. Its current contemporary collection is made with comfort in mind and offers over fifty different articles.

The company’s turnover is shared between export (25%, mainly the United Arab Emirates and Germany) and sales to private customers (60%). It sells its products from the workshop or in the museum shop in the artisans’ village of Ossès, which recalls the history of the espadrille in detail.


Don Quichosse also supplies espadrilles to show professionals, such as the Orange Opera (Chorégies) or the Montpellier Opera.