Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Gureak - Atelier Don Quichosse

Manufacture of espadrille shoes
Zone Industrielle
Rue Jeanne d'Arc
64130 Mauleon
Nouvelle Aquitaine

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

Four successive generations have worked in the business and their expertise has been passed down, making Mauléon the espadrille epicentre.

Thimoté Cangrand is the fourth generation. He was trained by his predecessor Jean-Jacques Houyou who taught him everything there was to know about the trade and imparted a respect for work well done.

A simple jute yarn is plaited and made into the shape of the sole, it is then pressed, sewn and finished using vulcanised natural rubber for the sole. Joining the sole to the upper is still exclusively done by hand; it takes 40 minutes of meticulous work to complete the hand sewing using scallop stitch.

As well as the traditional Basque espadrille, Don Quichosse offers an extensive range of models to suit all tastes. There are a wide range of materials and textiles to choose from including leather to appeal to an increasingly loyal client base.

As well as tours of the workshop, there is also a small museum telling the story of espadrilles in Mauléon.