Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Salaisons du Mont Pilat

181 rue Alphonse Lacombe
42740 La Terrasse sur Dorlay

Sale to private individuals and professionals
Salaisons du Mont Pilat was created in 1816.
The company carries out all the processing stages. Following delivery, the fat and meat are weighed and assembled, sliced and then ground. Seasoning and rolling is then carried out. Following maturing, the meats are again ground and mixed, then stuffed, cured, dried and conditioned before being shipped. The process requires the implementation of the following rare expertise: selection of raw materials, combining the fat and meat using strictly controlled proportions, the maturing process requiring daily monitoring of the curing process (gradual transition from 2 °C to 20 °C for fermentation by lactic bacteria) and drying process, which takes a minimum of 6 weeks to several months depending on the diameter of the sausages.

Its customer base is predominantly regional. It does export to: Spain, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Japan and Russia.

The company was awarded 2 Silver Medals at the Paris Agricultural Show in 2017 for its 200 to 400 g Traditional dried sausage "Saucisson sec traditionnel” and its 200 to 400 g Traditional dried sausage "Saucisse sèche traditionnelle”.