Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant


Manufacture of hats and caps
3 rue Thomas Lindet
27300 Bernay

Tel : +33 (0)2 32 43 04 70
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In 1974, Alain Le Carpentier fiercely opposed the decision made by his employer to close the Bernay plant. He resigned to restart the business, founded the la Société de fabrication d'articles coiffants (Sofac) and hired a large number of the dismissed employees. The first order was a cap contract for the French Air Force.

Over 3 floors, employees are divided into 4 manufacturing lines (kepis, caps, commissions and large series) as well as a station dedicated to design and new models. Sofac masters and applies rare and complex know-how in the manufacturing of professional hats and caps. It also manufactures kepis for armies, firefighters, police caps, and more recent specifications such as gendarmerie postillions.

The 40 employees of the company work with fine materials such as chiffon for the veils of flight attendants for Gulf airlines, but also silk, fur, leather... Many details make these accessories unique to each customer. Sofac manages to develop highly original forms, like that of the flight attendants' felt fascinators, by combining the techniques of cutting and sewing with accessories in metal, plastic or fusible... Today many companies in aviation, trains, luxury hotels etc, have their pilots' and stationmasters' caps and their stewardesses fascinators made in Bernay. We develop and manufacture collections of fashion caps and hats, we also produce reproductions for the cinema and create models for events.

Our activity is spread over the French territory but also abroad: Belgium, Luxembourg, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Gulf Countries, USA, etc.