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RED - Raccord Express Decolletage

Machining and undercutting (hydraulic union)
160 avenue Denis Papin
ZI Nord
13340 Rognac
Provence-Alpes-Cote D'Azur

Tel : +33 (0)4 42 31 82 57

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RED – Raccord Express Décolletage specialises in the machining and adjustment of special and non-standard hydraulic union fittings.

The staff work from customer plans, from models or in-house designs of the piece to manufacture.
Technicians programme the modules on the digitally controlled machine tools which manufacture the pieces. Each piece is fully machine-produced while the manufacturing process is overseen by a human technician.
Our rare expertise is founded on perfect mastery of machining technologies, thorough understanding of the materials used and the fact that all raw materials we need (copper, very special stainless steel, titanium and other noble materials) are machined on site.

Furthermore, the company specialises in the design and production of non-standard hydraulic unions for the conveyance of all fluids (gas, petrol, chemicals, nuclear products) that are resistant to hostile and hazardous environments and extremely high pressure.

Customers are exclusively trade. The company also subcontracts the supply of pieces ordered by public institutions such as DCNS or GRT GAZ as well as French industry icons including Méhari, 2 CV and Renault Alpine Gordini.