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Ets Echevarria - Sièges de style

Manufacture of upholstery for seating
Zone artisanale de Richevaux
Rue Edouard Branly
88300 Neufchâteau

Sale to private individuals and professionals
Echevarria – Sièges de Style was established in Neufchâteau in 1976. The company specialises in upholstering of chairs including lining and finishing. It combines traditional savoir-faire with premium quality.
The complex processes handled by the craftspeople at Echevarria range from prototype design (a single piece made from a plan supplied by a design office) to the varnishing and finishing of the frame through to the lining work performed by the upholsterer (webbing and interfacing, preparing the fabrics to cover the chair, cutting the material based on the centring and aligning of patterns. In some cases, the upholsterer will create seams or stitching to give relief to the chair, for example saddle stitching on leather, padding, fitting the cover or finishing fabric with ridges or tacks).

The company is frequently called on by local manufacturers for high-end and luxury commissions. Echevarria has renovated chairs for prestigious Parisian hotels such as the Plaza Athénée, Saint James, Berry, and Park Hyatt Vendôme, and also supplied chairs to the Hôtel Le Mas de Pierre (Saint Paul de Vence), the Château de Vigiers (luxury hotel in the Dordogne wine country) and many others.

It collaborates with well-known interior designers and decorators and produces prototypes for major names in the luxury sector.

It has also produced sofas and armchairs for theatres and supplies chairs for sets at the Opéra de Lyon.