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Accordéons Joel Louveau

Manufacture of accordions
3 rue des Chaumes
71520 Matour

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

Following on from research work carried out in 1971, Joël Louveau's passion led him to create the company in 1985. Located in a 250-square-metre workshop, the company offers a full service: tuning, repairs, restoration, customisation, manufacture to order, sales (new and used), renting and expertise.

A unique mail-order sales service in France is accessible via its web site, with a catalogue of 5000 printed and recorded music references.

Invented in 1829, the accordion is one of the most recent acoustic wind instruments and it is not entirely finalised. The company has thus always focused on innovation. This concerns in particular:

- the chromatic bass accordion (called concert) in every shape and form (ergonomic, acoustic and evolution of keyboards);

- design and integration of an electronic MIDI (Musical Interface Digital Instrument) system on traditional acoustic or concert instruments with converters.