Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant


Restoration of old vehicles
76 rue de la Croisée
Beaupuy 3 Mouilleron le Captif
85000 La Roche sur Yon

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Sale to private individuals and professionals
Trident has been restoring vintage cars since 1959 when Alain Guénant launched a restoration workshop in his Citroën dealership in La Roche sur Yon. Since then, from modest Citroën C3s to exceptional Aston Martins, Ferrari, Ligier, Maserati and Porsche have all been given a new lease of life in its workshops.
Since 1984, Trident has specialised in restoring Maseratis, while doing work on other international and French prestigious brands and models: Citroën SM. Over the years, we have preserved our exceptional craft traditions while modernising our working processes. Today, the upholstery workshop has all the necessary equipment for cutting skins, carving foams, sewing and gluing. The old-fashioned sheet-metal workshop includes, in addition to bevels, cubic piles and other forms, Eckold shearing machines, Pullmax forming and cutting machines, martinets, English wheels.

But these tools would be of no use without the upholstery and sheet metal forming team from Compagnon du Devoir and their fellow mechanics. All perform feats to revive the wonderful cars that delighted us in childhood and give us such great pleasure today.