Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Ressource Maison d’Edition de Peintures et Papiers peints

Manufacture of high-end paints and wallpaper
12 rue du Compagnonnage
30133 Les Angles

Tel : +33 (0)4 90 25 42 45
Sale to private individuals and professionals
Ressource is a 100% French family company, driven by strong values ​​of quality, authenticity and generosity that federate a community of customers in search of both ethics and aesthetics, tradition and innovation.
A French brand pioneering in the manufacture of high-end decorative paints, Ressource is the choice of professionals and discerning decorating enthusiasts. Sarah Lavoine, Serge Bensimon, Philippe Model, Robert Gervais, Patrick Baty, Mr & Mrs Clynk, Nathalie Banks, Karine Lanny, Stéphanie Marin: from Architecture to Design to fashion, all were conquered by the 100% French and eco-responsible brand. By combining tradition and modernity, know-how and innovation, through easy-to-use products and tools to help you choose, Ressource really makes colour accessible to everyone.

Since 2016, Ressource has been producing its own wallpapers. Through this new complementary range to their paints, the brand offers creations that break with the existing market, always served by production in line with its eco-responsible approach. Thus Ressource wallpapers are printed with latex-free inks and offer the public visual identity with a strong focus on nature. Ressource goes further in its desire to offer "ambiances" that go beyond their historical profession of high quality paint manufacturer. Inspired by the brand's Provencal roots, it features a universal, generous and colourful nature.