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Qualipac Aurillac

Packaging for make-up
Chemin du Bousquet
15000 Aurillac

Tel : +33 (0)4 71 64 57 83
One of the jewels in French industry’s crown, Qualipac Aurillac is a partner to leading global names in high-end perfumery and beauty thanks to its savoir-faire and capacity for innovation.
Qualipac Aurillac handles the full gamut of plastic production and decoration technologies and manufactures an extensive range of products for its clientèle including perfume caps and make-up packaging, especially for lip gloss and lipstick. Qualipac Aurillac combines three operations on the same site: injection moulding, galvanoplasty and assembly.

The galvanoplasty activity for perfumes and cosmetics was started back in 1984 when the company took over the plastics engineering activities from Sauvagnat, established in Aurillac in 1852. A new galvanoplasty line was created in 2018, drastically reducing Qualipac Aurillac’s environmental impact.

The company boasts rare expertise in a number of areas: design and injection moulding of different plastics; strong proficiency in colourimetry, and extensive creativity combined with real savoir-faire to produce a broad range of visual and tactile effects (pearly, leather, marble or transparent, for example) that meet the wide scope of customer requirements.

Several products made by Qualipac Aurillac for its customers have won trade prizes in recent years including at the Fifi Awards and the PCD Awards. Through its committed environmental and social initiatives, Qualipac Aurillac is an active contributor to the ambitious CSR programme led by the Pochet group, which received the Luxe Pack in Green prize for its environmental credentials in 2017.