Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Pierre Weber

Manufacture, restoration, reproduction of jewels
27 rue Charles Lindbergh
41000 Blois

Tel : +33 (0)2 54 43 18 33

Founded in 1968, the company designs and manufactures contemporary jewellery and also works on the reparation, reproduction and restoration of old pieces of jewellery.

Through its restoration/reproduction work, the company saves old pieces of jewellery. It possesses a collection of over 3,000 books and documents on old and ancient pieces of jewellery. Furthermore, the workshop draws on a rich collection of old moulds. Some of the designs and reproductions produced by the workshop are exhibited in archaeological galleries and museums   Its pieces of jewellery are sold in the workshop and through a network of galleries specialising in old and contemporary jewellery. A considerable portion of the company's work is carried out to  order.