Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

L'Atelier du Vieux Presbytère

Restoration of old monuments
6 route de Saint-Carré
22420 Lanvellec

L'Atelier du vieux Presbytère was founded in 2001 and is specialised in the conservation-restoration of furniture for public and private collections.
Its activity involves rare know-how due to the high quality of production and the complex nature of the work, notably restoring timber materials.

The implementation techniques are both traditional and contemporary. Internally, the workshop has the skills to faithfully restore incomplete items using turning, marquetry, case-making, sculpting, moulding and finishing techniques on furniture elements as well as monumental pieces.

The workshop has all the necessary equipment for the curative insecticide treatment of works by freezing and anoxic treatment.

The clientele includes a majority of regional authorities for listed or registered collections with technical and scientific monitoring provided by the DRAC (regional department for cultural affairs), some individuals, a few religious institutions and a few museums.