Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant


Mechanical machining and boiler making
14 rue du Fonteny
44220 Coueron

Tel : +33 (0)2 51 25 01 00
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The specialist mechanical machining firm was founded in 2008 by Christian Caille and Mireille Breheret.
The machining operations carried out in the company are based on highly technical expertise. These include machining work on parts from small to large, combining the simplest materials with the most noble, from the softest to the hardest. Deltameca creates unique pieces that require many hours of machining.
The workshop works from customer-provided plans and uses a CAM system to develop programmes on CNC machines. Nevertheless some parts are still made on conventional machines.

Its exclusively professional clientele is regional, national and international. The company has a portfolio of more than 200 clients (offshore, nuclear, aeronautics, agribusiness, etc). Notable clients include: GE, Total, Real, Wartsila, Cetim, Imeca, BN, Chicago Pneumatics, Spie, ArcelorSigmaPhi ...
The company has worked on many notable projects: Waterman fountain pens, the great elephant of Nantes, parts for particle accelerators and turbine shafts for nuclear power plants.