Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Art Graphique et Patrimoine

Creation and Manufacture of leather and fur clothing (woollen hides)
50 avenue du Président Wilson
CS 20010
93534 La Plaine Saint-Denis Cedex

Tel : +33 (0)1 81 81 11 70
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The company was set up in the Paris region in 1994 and is today based in Plaine Saint-Denis. It specialises in the 3D digitisation of heritage and artworks, 3D surveying of historic monuments, production of 3D images and historic reconstructions and the development of promotional tools in augmented reality and VR format.
Its expertise is multidisciplinary. It provides the following services: data collection and measuring on site—this requires optimal command of surveying techniques (from lasergrammetry to aerial photogrammetry by drone), digital reconstruction that calls for an in-depth knowledge of techniques for working with stone and/or other materials, techniques for the architectural design and construction of built heritage in different periods and historical phases.

The business is primarily conducted across France with customers including: the Louvre, RMN, French Ministry of Culture, Orsay and Orangerie museums, Palais de Justice de Paris, Assemblée Nationale, Bourse de Commerce, Opéra Garnier, Merveille du Mont Saint Michel, Soissons Cathedral, Abbaye St Jean des Vignes in Soissons, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and many others.