Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Chisteras Gonzalez Onena

Manufacturing of the Basque pelota basket glove (Chisteras)
6 allée des Liserons
64600 Anglet
Nouvelle Aquitaine

Tel : +33 (0)5 59 03 85 04
Sale to private individuals and professionals
Chisteras Gonzalez Onena was founded in 1887 in Bayonne by the great-grandfather of the current director.
It possesses a rare know-how both because of the scarcity of the operators and the complexity of the operations. The latter involve three specialties: woodwork, basketry and leather work. The workshop selects, collects and prepares its chestnut woods itself. A template in metal and wood with the desired dimensions per customer is created. A chestnut frame is fitted to this template and then a braided wicker filling is created; the wicker stems are prepared (thinned) and calibrated beforehand in the workshop. The production of the leather glove (cutting and sewing) completes the manufacturing process. Its clientele is made up of international-level players, clubs and public institutions operating in the tourism sector. The customer base is overwhelmingly made up of the population of the Basque Country and Béarn, although there are also customers in Paris, Cannes, Lyon, Marseille and Bordeaux.

Many historic pieces produced by the workshop are on display at the Basque Museum in Bayonne. The workshop is listed in the French Intangible Cultural Heritage in the UNESCO inventory. Gloves from the workshop were used by Hermès to design a Basque pelota silk square. The workshop is referenced in many guides: Michelin, Guide du Routard, Guide Poilâne des 1000 artisans.