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Biscuiterie de Montbozon

Manufacture of biscuits
32 bis Rue des Chènevières
70230 Montbozon

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Sale to private individuals and professionals
The company specialises in the manufacture of Montbozon biscuits, which are soft biscuits with orange blossom, and derivatives of these biscuits with vanilla, candied fruit or chocolate chips.

History has it that Louis XVI’s personal chef fled the court after the revolution and took refuge in distant lands. His path led him to Montbozon where he stopped at the Croix d’Or hotel run by the Lanternier family. To thank them for having accommodated him, he taught his hosts the secret of a dessert particularly appreciated by the royal couple, which became the Montbozon biscuit.

The biscuit factory masters know-how linked to this unique, time-honoured and secret recipe, which is based on adding the ingredients in the right proportions, mixing them manually and adjusting the cooking and rising.

It has an established clientele.