Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Alina Production

Warping, weaving
1 rue Jean Charcot
26100 Romans sur Isère

Sale to private individuals and professionals
Alina Production was created in 1998 in Romans-sur-Isère and specializes in warping and weaving.
Its rare know-how is that of the warping of extremely varied materials and sizes of yarns: knotting, passage of knots, stitching of combs, warping with repair of broken threads, beaming the warp. Most of the skills and time are focused on the process of weaving width and repair in case of breakage of threads on the one hand, and the ability to warp very different compositions and threads.

The company works with several clients such as Porcher, Mermet, Hexcell, Chomarat who subcontract to Alina for technical reasons or lack of capacity. They are the only company capable of producing viscose weaves certified for the aerospace sector.