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Ferry Capitain

Design, foundry, machining and cutting, on-site assembly
Usines de Bussy
52300 Vecqueville

Tel : +33 (0)3 25 94 04 24

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Ferry Capitain is a family-owned company whose expertise in foundry, machining and assembly has been recognised for more than 185 years. Their experience in metallurgy, moulding and construction allows them to best meet the needs of their customers.
Capitain Ferry sells its crowns, crusher bottoms, compressor bodies, turbine wraps and more all over the world. With a commercial subsidiary in the United States and a wide network of representatives in almost every industrialised country, Ferry Capitain shares the culture and language of most of its customers around the world. Ferry Capitain also has a team of engineers and technicians able to move very quickly on site to provide site supervision or after-sales service.

Ferry Capitain was one of the very first foundries in Europe to develop Spheroidal Graphite cast iron in the 1950s. Today, Ferry Capitain pushes the limits of its cutting capacities, up to 16 m in diameter and up to 16 m in vertical turning.

Ferry Capitain also uses an AOD converter to develop highly complex ferrous alloys to suit the specific needs of its customers. An R&D team closely monitors all innovations, both in foundry and machining, so that its customers can benefit from the latest technologies.