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Alain Cartier

Tapestry and restoration of ancient seats
68 rue Henri Barbusse
60320 Bethisy Saint Pierre

Alain Cartier opened his upholstery workshop in 1993. He specialises in refurbishing chairs from the 18th and 19th centuries for private customers or antique dealers.

He uses traditional methods, as practiced in the 18th century: animal hair filling, linen webbing and interlining, use of upholstery tacks, gilded stud finishing and hand-sewn trimmings. Mr Cartier works on stamped chairs, for example refurbishing chairs that are part of museum collections. Mr Cartier can also make curtains and wall hangings. He works with big names in the upholstery field: Le Manach, Tassinari & Chatel. Mr Cartier also works with Parisian antique dealers such as Perrin and Vidal. The workshop works on order.