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Confiseries Paries

Chocolate maker, sweet maker
6 rue de Poutillenea
64122 Socoa-Urrugne
Nouvelle Aquitaine

Tel : +33 (0)5 59 26 29 75

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A true institution in the Basque Country, Pariès is the last direct descendant of the Chocolatiers of Bayonne. Founded by Jacques Damestoy in 1895, the company's expertise and the excellence of its products form its reputation that has made it a century-old family business today

The company specialises in producing chocolates (about forty varieties). It also produces kanougas® (soft and melting caramels with base flavours of chocolate and coffee). The range was later expanded with dried fruits, and in the 2000s, with vanilla-almonds and salted butter caramel with a small hint of Espelette chilli pepper) and turrón, whose recipe was brought back from Spain by R. Paries in 1930.

It produces Mouchou® ("kiss" in Basque), a sweet consisting of two pleasantly contiguous round portions, with a soft centre rich in sweet almonds. And its latest creation: Epelines®, roasted almonds caramelised with a hint of Espelette chilli pepper.

The company only sources its ingredients from recognised suppliers and producers who comply with strict manufacturing conditions: Marconas almonds from Catalonia, Vanilla pods from Madagascar, cocoa beans from Grands Crus, etc.

The company's rare expertise is based on recipes improved over 5 generations.