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Société Agricole Bologne

Rum distillery
Rivière des Pères
97100 Basse-Terre

Tel : +33 (0)5 90 81 12 07

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Since 1887, the Bologne distillery has been located on a three-century old plantation of canes stretching from the slopes of the Soufrière volcano to the Caribbean Sea. Heir to this long tradition, the Sargenton-Callard family has remained faithful to the traditional know-how of Bologne and has always sought to exemplify the local region and the cane itself, the sole guarantees of the very highest quality.
The company employs a very precise distillation style that aims to concentrate the aromas: Bologna is one of the last distilleries to use a copper still, which captures the entire aromatic palette of the cane with the greatest fidelity.

One of the fundamental characteristics of Bologne rum is its remarkable ability to age. A perpetual challenge to time, it ages by expressing this effect of the land that makes it more and more complex and subtle.

Their old rums are largely aged in oak barrels. The proportion of new oak is deliberately restricted so that the wood does not mask the aromatic richness of our rums. The aging in barrels takes place in the walls of their aging cellars, at the foot of the Soufrière volcano. They are kept at a constant humidity and temperature ideal for the rum that reveals its nobility and affirms its particular identity over the years.