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Manufacture de Digoin - Grès & Poteries

1 Rue de la Verne
71160 Digoin

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Sale to private individuals and professionals
Founded in 1875, the Manufacture de Digoin specialises in the manufacture of sandstone and pottery.
The manufacturing process consists of a series of human operations and keeps a very strong manual dimension. The Manufacture de Digoin is one of the last companies to manufacture mustard jars in France. The different stages of production are: the preparation of the sandstone paste from the raw material (clay, sand, feldspar, kaolin), the grinding of the raw material, the manufacturing of slabs and transformation of the sandstone paste, the shaping (pouring and calibration) in manual and semi-mechanical mode, enamelling and baking of parts at 1280°c for 12 hours.

Active internationally, the company exports to England, the United States, Japan and New Zealand. Its portfolio of customers includes brands such as Habitat (permanent multi-product collection), Galeries Lafayette, Merci, Le Printemps, etc.