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Accessories and maintenance products for classic cars
15 Rue Jacquard
38230 Tignieu

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Sale to private individuals and professionals
The company Oser and its Belles Anciennes brand was created in 2006 by Alain Voisin.
Active on the classic car market, it specialises in the manufacturing of aluminium license plates under the Maillefaud brand and accessories for classic cars under the Robri and Sigle de France brands.
In 1930, Mr. Maillefaud probably did not imagine that his brand of relief license plates would cross the decades and become a reference for car enthusiasts. Still made with the methods and machines of the era, they have adapted and are even approved for modern vehicles.

Since 1921, Robri has become the reference brand in accessories for vehicles that have become classic collectibles. Always 100% made in France and partly in the workshops of the company Oser, they now add a touch of originality to these cars.

Sigle de France is the brand with the largest catalogue of old acronyms and monograms for vintage vehicles that are partly manufactured in the Oser workshops.

The clientele, mainly in France, is split between private and professional customers: restoration workshops and antique car sellers.