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Tricots Saint-James

Bonnet maker, ready-to-wear
Zone Industrielle
BP N°1
50240 Saint-James

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The Saint James company has been established in Lower Normandy, in the Saint-James area near Mont Saint-Michel, since 1889. It offers knitwear items (pullovers, jackets, T-shirts, dresses) and fabric clothing for sale.
Its reputation is based on a cult item of clothing – "a genuine Breton sailor sweater knit in pure virgin wool” – originally intended for sea fishermen and then adopted by great sailors and amateur yachtsmen.

It possesses rare knitting expertise, due to both the limited number of French manufacturers in the knitwear sector and the high level of production calling on complex mechanical (contoured knitting) and manual (mending, looping) know-how.

Its "seaside” collections in pure wool and pure cotton appeal to a broad clientele along the coast as well as in France’s major cities. They are equally popular in Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan and Korea.

Saint-James also offers a whole summer and winter collection of smart casual and sportswear polo shirts, shirts and trousers, inspired by the sea.