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Fariboles productions

Creation and manufacture of statuettes
Cap Longpaon
6-8 Rue Alsace Lorraine- BP 4
76161 Darnetal Cedex

Tel : +33 (0)2 35 89 64 13

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Sale to private individuals and professionals
Since 1993, Fariboles Productions has specialised in the production of comic strip figurines.
Made in resin, these figurines of variable dimensions (around 30 cm) are produced in limited series. The workshop was also equipped in 2008 with a machine specially designed for the creation of statues of one metre or more. Two series of giant pieces have been produced until now: Spirou (1m) and Gaston Lagaffe (1m10). Other projects of this type are coming soon. Depending on the model, production can vary from a few units to a few hundred. The copies are numbered. The characters can be individual or staged. Equipped with specific tools of a high technicality, the company manufactures figurines of great complexity and originality. The quality of the parts is based on a very thorough composition. The workshop has a real attention to detail that goes as far as expressing the gap between a garment and the body of the figurine or the creation of glasses instead of a simple painting. All elements of the figurine are moulded in hard material. Most of the pieces are sold to French and foreign collectors through the workshop and a network of specialised shops in this field. Licensing contracts include Hergé and Franquin.