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Distillerie artisanale Jos Nusbaumer

23, Grand Rue
67220 Steige

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Sale to private individuals and professionals
The origins of the Distillerie artisanale Jos Nusbaumer date back to 1947, when Mr Joseph Nusbaumer, then aged 21, created a little distillery in the barn of the family home, consisting of a little still fuelled with wood.
The Distillerie artisanale Jos Nusbaumer now makes creams, liqueurs and brandies. Brandy manufacturing has evolved very little since the 19th century and these products are obtained either by maceration or by fermentation prior to distillation. Depending on the products, assemblages may be made. Bottling, capping and labelling ready for dispatching are also carried out within the distillery. For exceptional brandies (very old Mirabelle plum or 15-year-old kirsch), a wax seal is applied by hand. The company pays very special attention to the selection of its products.

Its clientele consists of individuals but also professionals (in the out-of-home sector, starred restaurants, etc.). The customer base is mainly national, but the company also exports to Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Benelux and Scandinavia.