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Bignon Dervaux 1878

Design and manufacturing of embroidered household linen
100 impasse des Eperdelys
ZAI 4 Vents
42670 Belmont de la Loire

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Sale to private individuals and professionals
Bignon Dervaux 1878 was born from the merger of Broderie Dervaux, established in 1878 and known in France for its embroidered guipure lace, and Créations Bignon, founded in 1939, which was a workshop making and embroidering household linen used on yachts, in private mansions, palaces, etc.
The know-how is considered to be rare. In Roubaix, the mechanical embroidery workshop takes care of drafting, choosing yarn, setting the yarn up on the loom along with the fabric to be embroidered, finishing and adjusting the design. The Belmont workshop takes care of all sewing operations: design and production, development of the programme for digital embroidery machines, prototyping, pattern-making and grading, cutting and padding, cutting with electric or manual scissors, embroidery on machine, sewing, cleaning, ironing and folding. The workshop produces a very wide range of embroideries, some of which are rare and complex.

The customer base is mainly national, but also international, and professional-based.