Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Miroiterie Petitjean

Architectural and decorative glasswork.
BP 600023
54181 Heillecourt

Sale to private individuals and professionals
The family mirror manufacturer Petitjean was founded in 1860. It specialises in the production of glass applied to architecture, furniture and decoration.
A craftsman company, it has evolved over five generations. It has developed a wide range of know-how combining cutting-edge technology and traditional craftsmanship to produce its creations.
Immersed in arts and crafts, its skills are not limited to manufacturing. It puts all of its experience at its client’s disposal to accompany them from the design stage in their projects integrating glass and decoration.

The Petitjean mirror company's expertise lies in the design and manufacture of sculpted and bonded glass structures combining state-of-the-art technique and manual sculpture; artistic sculpture in fused optical glass with inlays; the bending of large single pieces and glass thermoforming for reproducible decorative embossed texture applications, wheel etching and silvering of decorative patterns, the creation of decorations by sanding, frosting, bevelling, lacquering and the manufacture of aged mirrors.

The company has worked for Daum, Laval, Collinet, Lalique, FLB, Henryot & Cie, Pierre-Yves Rochon for the Georges V Hotel, Large, Bina Baitel, Gruyeria and Prugent Diam Europre.